Friday, January 3, 2014

Top 5 Interior Design Elements

With 30+ years in the interior design industry, I am often asked for my must-have's and go-to’s when designing a space. Having worked on projects around the world across every sort of design and architectural plans, I want to share my top 5 absolutes in interior design.
Lighting is without a question the single most important thing in a room. Light has to be exciting. And there are many ways to light a room to make the room cozy. With beautifully designed lighting, you avoid stuffiness and overwhelming. Natural light is also very important and a staple of Scandinavian design.


I always have to be surrounded by antiques. I love the beauty of the pieces and the history they hold. You wonder who could have been sitting in that old wooden chair or looking at themselves behind that gilded mirror. Sleek, iconic mid-century antique pieces are a staple of Scandinavian design and achieves an understated relaxed elegance when placed in a room.

Swedish design is all about mixing humble with grand, traditional and modern. A pale color palette is Scandinavian hallmark; blues, greens, greys, whites, light airy colors have been used for years because they reflect the natural Swedish light.  In any room you go to, it will always feel like summer, always bathed in beautiful natural light that is reflected in the pale color palette of the room. Painted furniture, miniature floral print fabrics, nice stripes or checkers in cotton or linen, and wood elements are also quintessential Swedish elements that make a space inviting and comfortable.

Paintings and books are very important and give a place a cozy feeling. I like it when you can move things around and mix and match, and book are the perfect accessory to subtly change a space. You can fill a wall with them, put stacks of them on a table, or use as a stand to display an art piece. Art does not need to be expensive. I very often put a few art pieces together on one wall  and leave the other walls empty. Makes more of an impact.


Chairs can transform a space from a cold, standing area to a comfortable room you want to spend time in. Chairs are an invitation to sit and enjoy. Placing chairs in the bedroom makes it personal and calm. Putting chairs around the living areas also encourage movement, allowing you to constantly redesign and rethink the space in accordance with what's happening at that moment.


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